Public Transportation

Public Transportation is facing increasing threats from dangerous microorganisms, many of which are becoming more resistant to traditional medical and antibacterial processes.  Since these transportation vehicles can hold high volumes of people, the spread of virus and bacteria can be both rapid and widespread.  Recent reports  are filled with news of people catching  stomach viruses or becoming infected with Norovirus or other drug resistant bacteria and viruses like MRSA while in transit. Keeping the traveler safe from those harmful viruses and bacteria should be one of the top priorities for the transportation industry.

Safe Travels

Good hygiene is vital in creating a clean environment that leaves users of public transportation happy. It is important to ensure that all areas are cleaned effectively and hygienically to reflect the image of your company. Good hygiene will help reduce the potential risks of users spreading the germs from person to person and take them home.

HSP's Solution for Public Transportation:

  • One step cleaner and disinfectant with fast kill times
  • ONE multipurpose solution replaces all disinfectants, deodorizers, sanotizers and cleaners
  • Fast acting against drug resistant superbugs (MRSA, VRE, etc) and viruses (Polio, Norovirus, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, Flu)
  • Safe for the students, staff and visitors: non-toxic, VOC, fragrance free, and removes allergens
  • Compatible with hard surfaces, walls, floors and equipment
  • Sustainable with no harm to the environment

HSP's onsite solution helped hundreds of customers to prevent infection, and keep the environment safe and clean.

Customer Benefits

  • Improved user experience
  • Enhanced positive image means more new users and return visits
  • Good reputation leads to new customers 
  • Taking care of staff wellbeing which translates to higher service & satisfaction