Industrial Applications

Our planet's fragile ecosystem is stressed on many fronts as a result of industrialization and our growing transportation infrastructure. Environmentally friendly technology is needed to reverse this alarming trend of global warming and improve sustainability of our planet.  (Hsp2O)® fully addresses industry’s water treatment needs while also reducing its negative impact on our environment. (Hsp2O)® is also a highly effective green solution to control harmful air emissions.

Renewed Water

Bacteria found in waste water can be treated and managed with (Hsp2O)® solutions.

Waste water from industrial operations like paper and pulp or food processing can be treated to help reduce the germ levels in discharged waters. Unlike water treated with hazardous chemicals, water treated with (Hsp2O)® can be discharged directly into the public sewage systems.

Cooling tower water can also be treated with low concentrations of (Hsp2O)® so that bacteria in the tower can be controlled. In addition, (Hsp2O)® removes the scale build-up on the fill, the pans and in the pipes so that a better heat exchange value is maintained throughout the system.

Clean Waste

(Hsp2O)® is proven to reduce toxic emissions, discharges like hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, as well as greenhouse gases (i.e. carbon dioxide). It destroys the bacteria generating toxic gases hence eliminates the source of toxic pollution.  (Hsp2O)® also neutralizes the toxic gases and its foul odor.



HSP USA provide an innovative on-site generation solution based on our Clean2OTM technology platform for industrial water treatment and environmental control in a cost effective way

  • on demand and flexible to automatically adjust to operating requirements (concentration, pH and volume)
  • able to support industrial water treatment and environmental cleansing in real time
  • compact and require very little footprint or power
  • low maintenance and operating costs
  • easily integrated with the existing system or equipment

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