HSP's Clean2OTM Technology

HSP's Clean2OTM technology uses food safe ingredients to generate (Hsp2O)® (pure hypochlorous acid based) solution at varying range of concentrations to meet specific customer needs including disinfection, water purification, and environmental cleansing for industrial and commercial applications.

HSP’s formulated-water based Clean2OTM technology produces (Hsp2O)®  solution at required concentration and neutral pH automatically. 

Hygienic, Safe and Powerful Business Solution

HSP’s proprietary Clean2OTM technology mimics body’s own immune system to produce (Hsp2O)® solution. It is also known as "Super-oxidized Water" or "Electrolyzed Water". Its active ingredient is hypochlorous acid, a natural pathogen killer. Hypochlorous acid (HOCL), a natural oxidant, is released by the white blood cells to fight invading pathogens (i.e. bacteria and viruses) and infections. When an invading pathogen or infection threatens a human cell, the body's immune system responds by destroying the pathogen before it can harm the cell.


(Hsp2O) multipurpose solution replaces cleaners, deodorizers, sanitizers and disinfectants. It is highly effective against germs and powerful enough to neutralize toxic pollutants (e.g. H2S, ammonia etc.) or remove / prevent organic and inorganic scale or biofilms. 

"Industrial Strength" On-site Generation for Businesses

HSP’s Clean2OTM technology is the world leading technology that generates large volume of (Hsp2O)® (pure hypochlorous acid based) and meets wide range of concentration (ppm) specifications. It is the only technology that can generate required high concentration levels of (Hsp2O)® (e.g., thousands of ppm) for heavy duty commercial and industrial disinfection or water treatment applications.